We members of the Holy Flock of Christ holds the following to be true:

We believe in the Holy Scriptures as contained in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. We believe the Bible is a divine book inspired by God, and it speaks with authority to believers and is without error. "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and it is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness" II Tim. 3:16

We believe in the unity of GOD in the Triune Godhead: God, the FATHER, God, the SON and God, the HOLY SPIRIT. "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the FATHER, the WORD, and the HOLY SPIRIT: and these three are one" I John 5:7

We believe in the deity and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that the spirit of God the FATHER lived and worked with HIM during HIS earthly ministry. "I and my Father are One"John10:30

We believe in the crucifixion, death and third day bodily resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We also believe in the atonement of the blood of Christ for the remission of sins by repentance through faith in Jesus Christ."In whom we have redemption through HIS blood,the forgiveness of sin"Col.1:14

We believe in the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ to heaven and He now sits at the right hand of GOD, the FATHER as our Advocate. "…After the Lord has spoken unto them, He was received up into heaven, and sat at the right hand of God; …and if any man sin, we have an Advocate with the FATHER, Jesus Christ the righteous" Mark 16:19 & I John 2:1

We believe that a soul is entirely sanctified, subsequent to repentance and justification through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We also believe in God's standard of holiness for all believers that have been sanctified. "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ;…Because God hath chosen you to salvation through the sanctification of the spirit; Ye shall be holy before me, for I the LORD am holy" Rom.5: 1, I Thess. 2:13 & Lev. 21:26

We believe in water baptism by immersion, in the name of God, the FATHER, God, the SON and God, the HOLY SPIRIT as a sign of the washing away of sins and commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ. "He that believes and is baptized shall be saved; Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the HOLY SPIRIT" Mark 16:16 & Matt. 28:19

We believe in the Baptism and the out-pouring of the HOLY SPIRIT on all sanctified believers. We believe also in the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT as manifested in vision and dream, speaking in tongues and prophesying, divine healing and miracles. "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my SPIRIT on all flesh: and your sons shall prophesy, and your young men shall dream dreams: and on my servants and my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my SPIRIT; and they shall prophesy; And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up" Acts 2:17-18 & James 5:15

We believe in the Lord's Supper or Communion with qualified baptized believers as instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ in the Last Supper. "He took bread, and gave thanks, and break it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me; Likewise also the cup, saying This is the cup of the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you" Luke 22: 19-20

We believe in the Second Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ, the resurrection of the righteous dead and the catch-away of the living saints to Himself in the clouds in rapture, in the bodily form. We also believe in the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ for a thousand years on earth with the saints. "For the Lord shall himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the arch-angel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord; …and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years" I Thess. 4; 16-17 & Rev 20:4


 It is our practice to say "AMEN" at each statement
of our prayers as a seal to our
prayer requests (Duet27:16-26


The main aim and objective of the Holy Flock Christ is to make sure that you are truly a Christian assured of salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ:

SALVATION : Making sure you are a Christian

One of the key important things about Christianity and the Church’s responsibility is to ensure that everyone that professes or have the desire to be a Christian truly understands what Christianity is and what it means. 

Most people would attend churches or belong to a church without truly understanding or being a Christian. It is our responsibility, then, as a body of Christ to make sure that everyone that wants to be part of the Holy Flock of Christ first understands what Christianity is, becomes a Christian, then becomes a member of the Holy Flock of Christ. As a Christian body, we do not admit anyone into the membership of the Holy Flock of Christ without such individual becoming a Christian.

A Christian is a person that has expressed faith in the atoning blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and has accepted Him, i.e. Jesus Christ, as his or her personal savior. The Lord God sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross as a propitiation for our sins. And through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, we are saved. 

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.” (John 3: 16-17)

Salvation comes as a gift of God to those that have confessed their sins and believe that the death of the Lord Jesus Christ atones for our sins. 

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:” (Ephesians 2:8)

How do we know that you are saved, and that you are truly a Christian? 

The Word of God says; 

 “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation……For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10: 9-10, 13)

Why is it important for us to make sure you a Christian? 

The Bible makes it clear that except a person accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as his or her Savior, he or she cannot enter the kingdom of God. 

The primary job of a minister and the whole body of Christ; thus the Holy Flock of Christ, is to ensure that anyone who comes among us and desire to be part of us is a Christian. Moreover, those to whom we come in contact and we share the Gospel message understand that we desire that they be part of the body of Christ – Christians.

Oftentimes individuals attend churches without understanding the true meaning of our assembly. It should be clear that all that we strive for as a body of Christ and as individual Christians is to go to heaven. All other things we do are in process of living a life that is God glorying. Unless and except our purpose as individuals is to go to heaven and be part of the kingdom of God, our assembly is thus social without spiritual significance.

As a result, we emphasize to all those who assemble with us share our primary goal as a body of Christ. To make sure that once you leave this world of sin, you are destined for the Kingdom of God. And to ensure this our primary message is for a person to accept the Lord Jesus Christ, as his or her redeemer – personal savior and be baptized.



Members of the Holy Flock of Christ must have a general white praying uniform which is always used during the Sunday Services and Prayer meetings. Praying Uniform as a rule are not worn outside the sanctuary except while in procession. It is compulsory for all the menbers who are desirous of becoming full members to have their praying uniforms ready during their induction service. White Linen signifies the kind of robe given to all overcomers in the Kingdom of GOD.


Our LORD, JESUS CHRIST taught us to fast and pray without ceasing. Without fasting and prayer we cannot have spiritual power to confront evil powers.(Mark 9:28-29).  Jesus Christ and all the Apostles fasted, and their ministries were filled with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. (Matt 4: 1-11, Acts 4: 23-31) As a general rule, it is incumbent on all the members of this organization to fast on all Fridays to request for the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.


Water is consecrated for the use of the members for healing purposes under the directive of the HOLY SPIRIT (Rev 22:1-2). According to the prompting of the HOLY SPIRIT, we use the book of PSALMS and the name of JESUS CHRIST to bless water for the use of all members.


 It is our practice to say "AMEN" at each statement of our prayers as a seal to our prayer requests (Duet27:16-26). "AMEN" is one of the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST (Rev3:4) and it is always use to end our prayers.


It is our practice to shout "HALLELUJAH" once, thrice, seven or twenty one times (as directed by the HOLY SPIRIT) to praise the LORD for a special blessing or for a victory procured to honor the LORD'S name, at the end of our special prayers and anniversaries.


The HOLY SPIRIT has prescribed for us to use annointed oil to consecrate our pastors and all spiritual workers in the organization (Exodus 30:23-33), and for the healing of the sick (James 5:14-16)


 Holy Candles are used in our prayer meetings in the House of Prayer or privately by members for devotional prayers. The candles are used as permitted; One candle signifies that the LORD is ONE, Three candles signifies the HOLY TRINITY and Seven candles signify the SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD (Rev 4:5). Twenty one candles are used at times for special prayers as directed by the HOLY SPIRIT. Colored candles are not permitted to be used for prayers in the organization.


Incense is burnt during our devotional prayers and divine services as a sweet odor to the LORD (Exodus 30:1-9)


We are directed by the LORD to bring fruits to the House of Prayer during our prayer meetings. The fruits will be blessed and distributed to all members signifying the fruit of life given to overcomers in the First Ressurection (Gen 2:9, Rev 2:7)

      Supreme Headquarters

      45 Okepopo Street, Lagos Nigeria  

      Phone: 01-2633390, 01-7646664


      Spiritual Leader

      Most Venerable J. A Adefope


      General Secretary 

      Venerable J. O. Babalola





      1A Iyagan Street                                                             

      Ebute Metta                                                                          

      Lagos, Nigeria                                                                 

      Officer-in Charge:  M.O.B Daniel                                     



      Odo Aloro Qtr


      Ogun State, Nigeria

      Officer-In-Charge:   E. J. Ifegbesan 



      B41 Oyo Rd

      Oke Oluwas Fiditi

      Oyo State, Nigeria

      Officer-In-Charge:   S. O. Alabi 



      41 Bonojo Street,


      Ogun State, Nigeria

      Officer-In-Charge:   S. A. Bakare


5.   AWA

      98 Obafemi Awolowo Avenue

      Awa Ijebu

      Ogun State, Nigeria

      Officer-In-Charge:   J. A. Adewumi



      SW5/414 Foko Amule

      Box 117


      Oyo State, Nigeria

      Officer-In-Charge:   T. Olabamidele


7.   IWAYA

      4 Adegbenro Street


      Box 68 Yaba


      Officer-In-Charge:   B. O. Onitunere



      Imere Road

      Sawmill Area

      Ago Iwoye


      Officer-In-Charge:  Ven. J. K. Idowu



      19 Araromi Street

      Aiyetoro Mushin

      Lagos, Nigeria

      Officer-In-Charge:   Ven. Jacob O. Kalejaiye


10.   OSHODI

        114 Oshodi Road

        Orile Oshodi

        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   A. O. Idowu 


11.   AGEGE  I

        32 Abraham Akinola Street

        Mangoro Bus Stop, Ikeja

        Lagos Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   A. B. Lawrence



        12 Imam Shuabu Street


        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   G. A. Okutade 



        26 Odufuwa Street


        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Oluwole Odufuwa 


14.   ONDO I

        107 Surulere Street

        Ondo, Nigeria 

        Officer-In-Charge:   E. Omoshola



        7 Dakobiri Street


        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   S. A. Oyelewu


16.   IHIMA

        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Mailing Address:

        P. O. Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Paul. O. Evinemi



        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Mailing Address:

        P. O. Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Johnson Alabi



        P. O. Box 196


        Edo State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   J. O. Anate


19.   IDITO

        Oyo Road


        Oyo State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   J. A. Olanite



        Ibadan Road


        Oyo State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   T. O. Akanji


21.   IMINI

        Ijaye Road


        Oyo State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   O. Abodunrin


22.   ISUWEN

        Kogi, State

        Mailing Address:

        P. O. Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   David Okararihi 



        HFC off Ajitadun Road

        P. O. Box 3247

        Sapon, Abeokuta

        Ogun State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   J. T. Olatunji



        23 Oredein Street, Oku-owa Road

        Irolu Remo


        Officer-In-Charge:   E. O. Oyelana


25.   IGBESA

        13 Odogbo Road

        Isalu Araromi, Ogona Igbesa


        Officer-In-Charge:   A. A. Ajose 



        Okenwen, Kogi State, Nigeria

        Mailing Address:

        P. O. Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Emmanuel Onimisi



        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Mailing Address:

        P. O. Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Joseph Oluwadare 


28.   BADAGRY 

        17 Mission Street

        P. O. Box 20


        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   J. O. Ayoade


29.   OTTA 

        7 Anglican grammar School Road

        P. O. Box 322


        Ogun State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   D. A. Idowu



        54 Zamba Street


        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   M. T. Akinosho



        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Mailing Address: 

        P. O. Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Daniel Aroge



        Agada Qtr

        P. O. Box 35



        Officer-In-Charge:   K. Bodunrin


33.   OKENE 

        P. O. Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Michael Evinemi


34.   IKARE

        B-59 Iku St


        Ondo State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Paul Abasi


35.   ILE-IFE  I

        9 Irebami Lane 4

        Box 989


        Osun State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Jonna Okunnuyi


36.   OGUDU

        7 Kehinde Street


        Ogudu Ojota

        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Gabriel Adeika


37.    AGEGE II

         25 Majaro Street


         Lagos, Nigeria

         Officer-In-Charge:   Samson Simpa


38.   AKURE

        Tope Olaiya Ave

        Off Araromi Street


        Ondo State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   E. A. Amuleya



        1329 Cottman Avenue

        P. O. Box 15307

        Philadelphia, PA 19111


        Officer-In-Charge:   Ven. John O. Abiola


40.   IJEDE

        Alhaja Rafat Mart

        Off Agrc Bus Stop



        Officer-In-Charge:   D. Olutusin


41.   AJOWA

        Ajowa, Ondo State, Nigeria

        Mailing Address:

        P. O. Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Paul Ajiga


42.   OGURO

        Abere Road



        Officer-In-Charge:   A. Aboderin


43.   ONDO II

        Ayeyemi QTR

        P. O. Box 849

        Ondo, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   G. Adegbaju


44.   IMOGA

        Edo State, Nigeria

        Mailing Address: 

        P. O. Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Paul Shaibu 


45.   LOKOJA

        Lokoja, Kogi State

        Mailing Address:

        P. O. Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   David Otori



        34 Okepopo Street

        Agbowas Ikosi


        Officer-In-Charge:   E. B. Ogunbiyi



        Oluwa Ododowa Street

        Odo Ona-Elewe, Ibadan

        Oyo State, Nigeria 

        Officer-In-Charge:   J. O. Ogunleye


48.   IPOKIA 

        Magesi Centre


        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   David Gbenu



        Agemowo, Lagos

        Mailing Address:

        P. O. Box 20


        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Samuel Wusu


50.   ABESAN 

        Block 647

        Keba COnstruction Co


        Lagos, Nigeria 

        Officer-In-Charge:   S. A. Akinwunmi


51.   ADOGO 

        Adogo, Nigeria

        Mailing Address:

        P. O. Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Emmanuel Enesi



        9612 Norfolk Ave

        Laurel , Maryland 

        U. S. A

        Officer-In-Charge:   Femi Olugbile



        Ven J. P. Crescent


        Osun State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Ven. James Okatarihi


54.   ODO-OBA

        Hospital Road

        Odo Oba

        Oyo State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Michael Oyekunle



        Ajaokuta, Kogi State

        Mailing Address 

        c/o Box 27


        Kogi State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Zacheaus Olude



        13 Umuoma CLose

        Igbo Elerin

        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   O. Adekunle



        7 Aiyegbemi Street

        Ipara Remo


        Officer-In-Charge:   Michael Ogundein


58.   IJOFIN 

        Tanie Age Road


        Ogun State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Matthew A. Agan



        K.M. 1 Settlement Road


        Oyo State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   D. A. Olanite


60.   AIYEPE

        39 Aba Market Street


        Ogun State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   A. O. Adekoya



        Okun Owa Road

        Ijesha Ijebu

        Ogun State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Gabriel Abegunde


62.   IWO 

        2-6 Esther Adeyemi Street

        Testing Ground Area


        Osun State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Benjamin Adeika




        Lagos, Nigeria

        Mailing Address:

        P. O. Box 20


        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   James Todowede



        Ilogbo Eremi, Nigeria

        Mailing Address: 

        P. O. Box 20


        Lagos, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Peter G. Awesu


65.   IMOTA 

        Oyelewu Street

        Ori Okuta, Imota

        Lagos State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   S. A. Akinbowale


66.   OYO 

        Box 163


        Oyo State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   J. A.Olanite 



        Beside Babalola Estate


        Ekiti State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   Jeremiah Ozizi 


68.   ILE-IFE  II 

        Ilode Obalorun Akintola Street


        Osun State, Nigeria

        Officer-In-Charge:   J. Olagbaju


 69.   ILESA   

         Okere Ajayi Street

         OkeOmiru, Ilesa

         Osun State, Nigeria

         Officer-In-Charge:   Matthew Abdul



         Ogun State

         Mailing Address

         c/o Box 27


         Kogi State, Nigeria

         Officer-In-Charge:   John Lawal 



        Bethlehem, Israel

        Mailing Address

        P. O. Box 15307

        Philadelphia, PA 19111

        Officer-In-Charge:   Daniel Abiola


                BIBLE CLASS                                                    11:00 A.M

                EVENING SERVICE                                         6:30 P.M

    2.         MORNING PRAYER (MON-SAT)                  6:00 A.M

    3.         WEDNESDAY: REVIVAL SERVICE             7:30 P.M

    4.         FRIDAY: PRAYER MEETING                        6:00 P.M

    5.         SATURDAY: MIDNIGHT VIGIL                    12:00 MIDNIGHT

1.         A MALE MEMBER TO PRAY: 

That may God the Creator of mankind remove far away from us whatever might debar us from receiving forgiveness for our sins in works, thoughts and deeds in all our meetings since morning. Oh thou who promised to save repentant sinners, be merciful unto us we pray, and grant that we may forsake at least one of our sins so as to sow the seed of repentance as true Christians.


That may the Holy Trinity help us that we may know that obedience is better than sacrifice and that faith, hope, charity, kindness and other virtues may be our assets during this Lenten season, and may the good Lord forgive all our unrighteousness and grant us pardon for sins inherited.

 3.        A MALE MEMBER TO PRAY: 

That the love to keep the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai may grow in us, and the Lord grant us pardon for the sins committed and that we live in eternity with Christ at the end of our earthly journey.


That may the Lord shower on all of us His blessings so that our perambulation during the forty days and forty nights may not be for naught at last. The door of truer repentance which is wide open may not close on us from above and in the highest name to which every knee should bow, even the Name of Jesus Christ Our Savior, we may receive life everlasting.

By Most Ven J.O Osinbowale D.D 

Translated to English by Joshua K. Obaniyi


The life and times of Abiodun Babatunde Lawrence (1898-1943)  Founder of Holy Flock of Christ




Aladura (the prayer people) is the collective name given to the movement that strongly believes in divine healing, vision and dreams, deliverance from Satan and spiritual bondage through belief in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the power of fervent prayer, fasting and consecration

Baba Aladura is a title given to the supreme leader of the Aladura movement. It is a term loosely translated as the “the father of prayer”, but has come to mean and could be likened to a Chief Priest, Supreme Primate, Bishop, Spiritual Leader……..etc

 The founding of Holy Flock of Christ is intricately linked to the history of the founder; Major Abiodun Babatunde Lawrence. So to write the history of Holy Flock of Christ, we must first start with the history of A.B. Lawrence. 

 It is this Aladura movement, a phenomenon of spiritual awakening witnessed at the turn of the 20th century in Lagos and it’s environs in Nigeria that the Lord is calling Major Abiodun Babatunde Lawrence to serve in.


 Abiodun Babatunde Lawrence was born in Lagos, Nigeria on the 25th of December 1898. (Hence the name Abiodun). His father hailed from Ikole Ekiti but was raised by Brazilians in Lagos. His father died in 1923. His mother was originally from the Ijebu people of Western Nigeria. His mother traded in selling yams; hence she was fondly called by those who knew her as “Iya Onisu” (A female Yam seller). His mother died in Sunday, 8th of November, 1931 in 49, Kakawa Street, Lagos Nigeria.


Childhood: (1898-1904) 

 When A.B.Lawrence was an infant, it was revealed to his parent that this child will be a leader in the future; and that a lot of people will be followers of him. He developed up with his peers gently but he developed the habit of viewing everything “spiritually” right from his youth. It was without question that the hand and sign of the Lord is with this young child.


Education: (1904-1910) 


A.B.Lawrence attended St. Peters Primary School in Faji, Lagos. He was a brilliant student, always outperforming his peers in his studies. This was testified to by teachers and student alike.

 Daily Secular Work: (1910-1932)

When A.B.Lawrence graduated from school, he was admitted as an apprentice to the C.M.S Printing Press in Broad Street, Lagos in order to learn the art and trade of Printing. Printing was a big thing in Lagos, Nigeria in the 1920s. He graduated in this trade with distinction and he worked for a while as a printer in the C.M.S Printing Press, Lagos. He later joined the Nigerian Railway Printing Press in Ebute-Meta to work as a printer till 1932.

He left all earthly vocation to answer and focus on the spiritual call in 1932. This was a fulfillment of prophecies of visioners that “earthly vocation will be taken away from the Leader A.B.Lawrence so that he can focus on his true call; Spiritual Work”.   And it was so.


Interaction with His Family:


A.B.Lawrence is person that has love for all people. It is no surprise that A.B.Lawrence exhibits this love among his folks and relations. By love, goodwill and his philanthropic efforts, he was able to render help and assistance to all his family in all manners, ways, shape and form. Also he uses his gentle words and actions to pacify things among his family when need be.


Divine Worship:


A.B.Lawrence is a Christian, and he worshipped and served regularly in St. Peter’s Cathedral in Faji, Lagos; a church within the Anglican Communion. He was a lover of Divine Worship and he worships the Lord with his heart mind and soul in his place of devotion. He was also a good worker in the parish. Not lazy. Because of this he held the following post:


 Executive Member; Young men Christian League

Executive Member; Young men Christian Union

Sunday School Teacher

He performed all the above duties faithfully without regard to man. 

He also made it a habit to visit prison every Sunday to visit prisoners and feed them with the Word of God so that they can be born again in the Lord, and be better assimilated into society after they are released by cultivating good works. He did this dutifully with his peers at the time: Mr. Ogunmefun of the C.M.S Bookshop and Mr. E.J Fasoro.

All the above revealed that A.B. Lawrence had received the steward’s call to work in the Lord’s vineyard right from his youth. He also works closely with the elders of the church because the anointment of God is on him.


Abiodun Bbabatunde Lawrence was intreated by Elder W.A. Akinyemi (Dr. W.A.M Akinyemi’s father) in 1926 to join the Sacred Movement of Cherubim and Seraphim Society in the city of Lagos. Cherubim and Seraphim founder was founded by Pa Moses Orimolade. It was a surprise for his contemporaries to find A.B. Lawrence joining such a movement. It was for the peasants to join such a movement, not a person of A.B. Lawrence’s caliber. He was highly educated and had status in society.

But he was so much gifted in spiritual matter that he easily excelled in this new movement.


A.B. Lawrence was a founding member of a prayer warrior group within the Aladura movement itself, charged with prayer ministry. They were divinely chosen and hand picked by the Pa. Moses Orimolade. As the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ is to Jesus Christ, so also this core prayer group is to Pa Moses Orimolade. They assisted Orimolade in all matters of special prayers and spiritual warfare. Also they are the inner core of the original Aladura movement. These seven Leaders with Moses Orimolade are responsible for the spiritual well-being and progress of the Cherubim and Seraphim movement.


The leaders are named below:

1.                  Leader E.A Davies (Father to Lawyer H.O Davies)

2.                  Leader H.A Phillips (Later became the Baba Aladura for the Cherubim and Seraphim movement)

3.                  Leader A.B. Lawrence (Founder of Holy Flock of Christ)

4.                  Leader C.B. Olumuyiwa (Trusted Assistant to A.B. Lawrence)

5.                  Leader D.K Idowu (Always the Truth bearer without fear)

6.                  Leader J.A Phillips (Later became the Baba Aladura for Cherubim and Seraphim movement in Agege and the states above in Nigeria)

7.                  Leader J.O Adefope (Extra-ordinary Visioneer and 2nd Spiritual Leader, Holy Flock of Christ)

By the enablement of the Holy Spirit and due to the special anointing given to A.B. Lawrence in the discernment of spiritual things; A.B. Lawrence have a special and close relationship with Moses Orimolade. He was positioned as the head of the Visioneers and Seers and it was Moses Orimolade through divine injunction that added the title “Major” to his name. Hence he was always referred to as “Major Abiodun Babatunde Lawrence”. 

In October 1926, A.B. Lawrence had a prophetic revelation to be revealed in the future to the whole world, but this will not be made known until 1932 by the establishment of Holy Flock of Christ Organization. In this wise the aforementioned prophecy came to fruition.

In 1928, a star was well seen by all over the residence of A.B. Lawrence in 49, Kakawa Street, Lagos. This star was manifested as a mighty sign amongst the Cherubim and Seraphim movement that even Moses Orimolade has to go and see. Also another star was visible in the same place shortly after the Holy Flock of Christ was established. This was visible and witnessed by many people at 10:30 p.m. on the 12th of December 1933. These are signs showing and attesting to the divine nature of the work that Major A.B. Lawrence was doing and will do.


In November 1928, shortly after the yearly Convention/Revival of the Cherubim and Seraphim Society, there arose a big disagreement over matters arising within the Cherubim and Seraphim movement. This disparity led to the first schism within the movement. As a result of disagreement with Moses Orimolade, in February 4th 1929, Captain Abiodun Akinsowon splited from the movement and started her own society; another variation of the Aladura movement; at Daddy Alaja Street in Lagos, Nigeria. But the seven leaders mentioned before stood with the Baba Aladura, Moses Orimolade. Unfortunately, the reason for the disagreement was not dealt with by Moses Orimolade. And this is going to lead to further rifts in the movement.

Mission to Okun Ibeju in 1929:


On the 7th of February 1929, three days after Captain Abiodun established her branch of the Cherubim and Seraphim movement, Baba Aladura, Pa. Moses Orimolade sent the seven leaders to Okun Ibeju to pray on matters arising, particularly matters that caused disagreements and contentions in the movement. Also it is at these kinds of prayer meetings that Lord will speak back to His people through visioneers and seers as to the solution to the besetting problem. (Okun Ibeju, about 10 miles from Lagos next to the Atlantic Ocean, is a hallowed ground, like a retreat in which prayers could be offered without the normal distractions faced in the city).

These are the three Prayer Points given by the Baba Aladura for the seven Leaders to supplicate on:

1.                  Prayer for Leader Abiodun Lawrence safety (Safety from what?)

2.                  Prayer for Ijesa for deliverance from adversaries 

3.                  Prayer of safety for Afonja (Safety from what? Who is Afonja)

We can only conjectured here that the prayer for Major A.B. Lawrence was just a ruse to win Lawrence to the Baba Aladura’s side over the matters in contention; and the prayer for Afonja and Ijesa will results in a vision castigating those not on Afonja and Ijesa’s side.

But these are the messages the Lord sent through Major A.B. Lawrence in a vision at that prayer meet:

On prayer for Leader Abiodun Lawrence safety:

MAJOR:  “Do not believe in gainsaying. Do not desist in prayer; night and day, due to dangers that threaten the body. Do not look for help from people. Only look unto the Lord. The Lord that brings people to the wilderness will also empower his people. The cross cannot be parked somewhere temporarily, it must be carried now.

Be ready to tell the truth to Moses Orimolade and all members of the Cherubim and Seraphim movement. Be ready to fight for the truth only, because only by doing so can you dwell with the Lord. There is an eye that never sleeps and it sees the entire secret thing in the heart. Do not have any association with a fruitless tree in the daytime or nighttime.”

On prayer for Ijesa for deliverance from adversaries

MAJOR:  “ Layinka Ijesa behavior can be likened to a dyed multicolored cloth (adire). There will be peace for him everywhere. But whenever he joins the Cherubim and Seraphim movement, there will be divine injunction from above to introduce fights, contentions, and disagreements in to the movement.

Be it known to Moses Orimolade that whenever he brings Layinka Ijesa to join the movement, the Cherubim and Seraphim movement will be taken from him or he will be called to be with the Lord.

Let Moses Orimolade know that the staff/rod given to him is a lighting staff/rod; care must be taken so that an impure shadow from an unclean being is not allowed to pollute or diffuse this lighting rod/staff.

A lion was seen to the right while a hut built with leaves is seen to the left in the vision; then a voice was heard asking, “Can the lion dwell in this house that is built with leaves”? 

Because the heavenly host working with Moses Orimolade are holy beings, let it be known to Moses Orimolade that the cup/vessel in your hand is to be used to for holy things, not vice versa. If the cup/vessel is used rightly, the cup will be filled with holy things abundantly. Remember Shadrach, Mesach, Abednego, John the Baptist, Elijah and Moses are forever dwelling with the Lord.

 On prayer for Afonja safety:

Major:  Whomever deals deceitfully cannot dwell with the Lord. Afonja may be counted with the Cherubim and Seraphim movement of this world, but he does not belong nor is he counted among the Cherubim and Seraphim movement of heaven above, because he does not bear the fruit of repentance. He joined the movement without leaving his worldly ways or consecrating himself. The idol of Egypt is still in his heart and the man is not looking for a way of peace. He has replaced the holy mantle covering the Altar of God with an unholy filthy rag.

It is seen in the vision that various things like black goat leg bones, cutlass used in pig’s slaughter, dark strings used in animal’s intestine cleaning, and black stones all together collected are given to Afonja to carry on his head.


Five houses were made in sand, houses built with foot impression in sand. These animals are depicted in the houses: Fox (Kolokolo), Water-bird (Osin), Pig (Elede), Hawk (Awodi) and Scorpion (Akeke). Let Moses Orimolade enlightened the work of each animal depicted above to the seven leaders undertaking this prayer meeting. Remember that Zechariah, the priest saw one of these animals while he was serving in the temple; also imagine Solomon using one of these animals in the purification and consecration of the temple when it was completed.

Thus concluded the special prayer meeting and the seven leaders came back to deliver these messages to Moses Orimolade. 

Unfortunately, these divine messages are rejected and not heeded by Moses Orimolade, thus leading to another rift in the Aladura movement. 

The seven leaders departs from Moses Orimolade and thus started meeting under the auspices of the “The Holy Cherubim and Seraphim Aladura Movement” with Leader E.A Davies as the Chairman of the Executive and Major A. B Lawrence as the Spiritual Leader. 

However the movement will not last for a long time, it was splited again when others did not listen to the divine messages from God. God thus commanded Major A.B. Lawrence to leave the movement.


Major A. B. Lawrence is the leader of his contemporaries in this movement. It is known surely that the Lord is with him and all work been done by Moses Orimolade is in conjunction with A.B Lawrence. He is an unparalleled visioneer in the movement and worldwide. His visions and messages is to the point and accurate. He speaks with angelic host consciously and he receives divine messages from heaven above continually.

Some of the work that he implemented as the Spiritual Leader in the Holy Cherubim and Seraphim Aladura Movement are as follows:

1.                  Spiritual Leadership of the Movement

2.                  Spiritual Preparation

3.                  Revival/Convention Robes Revelation/Preparation

4.                  Visioneers Oversight and Administration

5.                  Interpretations of Visions and Dreams

6.                  Prayer Warfare; in healing ministrations

7.                  Words of exhortations to members. His words are divine messages. Like an Angel speaking.

8.                  Weekly and Annual Divine Messages delivery. These messages are results of his direct interaction with Angelic beings given him messages to mankind.

Major Lawrence is gifted with the knowledge of what the duty of each section in the movement is. These is a reflection of the duties perform by these section in heaven and he performs this job dutifully in the education of each section.

Unfortunately, divine messages are not adhered to. People want to return to fads and fashion. The voice of the Lord is rejected. Holiness is not being practiced anymore, even among the leaders. Shameful things are being done by majority of all. Love of the flesh is overcoming spiritual love. Because of this, God commanded A.B. Lawrence to leave the movement.

On the 20th of February, 1932, A.B. Lawrence went on his annual prayer tour to the Olorunkole Hill, near Ibadan, Oyo State

These are the prayer points of that day:

1.                  Prayer that all nations should be born again spiritually.

2.                  Prayer that spiritual worship should not become a thing of a past in the world 

Divine messages given to him at that prayer was printed and distributed to all free of charge after the prayer. Also this message was reprinted and redistributed to all in remembrance of him a few years after his passing away to glory.

On his return from Olorunkole hill he went straight to Ibeju beach where he fasted and prayed forty days and night throughout the Lenten period of 1932. On his return from Ibeju beach he went to the Cherubim and Seraphim movement to deliver this message to them. 

The message is that the Lord wants him to disassociate himself from The Holy Cherubim and Seraphim Aladura Movement. This was delivered after the Wednesday Meeting/Service on 13th of April 1932. Despondency and sadness fell upon a lot people after hearing this message, but some show an I-don’t-care attitude to this message. But it should be noted that those with the Spirit of the Lord vowed in their heart to follow this man to anywhere he is going.

            Three leaders from the movement that decides to follow him are these:

1.                  Leader C.B. Olumuyiwa

2.                  Leader D. K. Idowu

3.                  Leader J.O. Adefope 

A lot of the V.I.Ps of those days who were members of the movement decides to follow A.B. Lawrence after the announcement, because they saw the mark of the Lord on him and they do testify that the Spirit of the Lord is using this man. We do not have enough space to enumerate their names, but they are surely known to Jesus Christ and their names are surely written in the Book of Life.

Also we have a lot of people joining him after this announcement was made.

The Foundation of Holy Flock of Christ


The Foundation of Holy Flock of Christ is a mystery to all people. Reason? Prior to the foundation of this Flock, a lot of people had this question in their mind: “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” And the Lord is answering them by: “Come and see”.


Let the words of the Most Venerable A.B. Lawrence speaks to us as he wrote down to us the first report about the founding of this Holy Flock of Christ:

“We prayed for 36 days. 

On the dawn of 15th of May 1932, after the Morning Prayer, 321 names were voluntarily added to the register of this Holy Flock of Christ. 

In the evening prayer meeting, the Almighty God surrounds us with His rainbow. Two women went into labor in the morning and three christening/naming ceremony were performed. 

In the morning service of 15th of May 1932, the name of this organization was given from above as HOLY FLOCK OF CHRIST. The glory sign appears on children, adult male and female. The children’s and female glory sign is a lot. 

Forty days after the PENTECOST day, the liturgy, rules and regulations to be used in this organization was given to us from above, which we are using now presently in the Flock.” 


These are the address in which we first congregate as Holy Flock of Christ:

1.                  49 Kakawa Street, Lagos. (House of A.B. Lawrence)

2.                  38 Martin Street, Lagos (Elder J. Ayo-Coker’s house; Cherubim Leader)

3.                  176 Bamgbose Street, Lagos (Snr.Spiritual Elder C.B. Olumuyiwa’ House)

4.                  23 Koseh Street, Lagos (Elder D.K. Idowu’s House)

5.                  3. Balogun Street, Lagos (Elder J.O. Adefope’s House) 

Ebutte Metta Branch was not established until some time later.

Wednesday Revival meeting was first held on Odunlami Street, but because of “the fear of the Jews” it was moved to 49 Kakawa Street, Lagos.

Saturday Night vigil was regularly held and we now recall some those earlier visions that was sent to us from above:

1.      “All of us are carrying Bible facing the east, but only a few of us read it regularly.

2.      “A crown will be given to overcomers”

 Here ends the hand written testimony from the founder of the Holy Flock of Christ, Most Ven. A.B. Lawrence.

 Consider this song, always an inspiration to Holy Flock of Christ members:

1.                  God the Creator who established this Flock

For all His redeemed individuals on earth.

By the Hand of Savior of the whole wide world,

We do praise and magnify thy name. 

Chorus:-       Oh, Rejoice, Rejoice   )

             Rejoice, Rejoice       ) 2ce

               The Flock of Christ    )

2.                  Jesus our Lord shall come to reign in this world,

Right in the midst of this Holy Flock of Christ.

A thousand year shall he reign in this our world,

In the midst of the Flock here below. 

 (SUNG TO THE TUNE OF “Standing on the promises of God our Savior)

When the people of the Cherubim and Seraphim movement saw the glory of God being manifested in Holy Flock of Christ, it becomes desirous for them to join. 


On 13th of August 1941, such request was brought to Most Ven. A.B. Lawrence. A.B Lawrence indicated to them that for such a request to be honored, some corrections on doctrines have to be undertaken.  

These are: 

1.                  Corrections on visions

2.                  Corrections on Praying

3.                  Corrections on Dreams and Dreamers

4.                   Corrections on Spiritual Workers within the movement

5.                  Going to Iju has to stop

6.                  Special Victory Prayer sessions has to stop 


A reply was not received on this request, but some people join him individually. So let it be known to all that the mandate given from above to Major A.B. Lawrence is that this Holy Flock of Christ should remain separate from any Aladura movement. Combination with other churches is not possible.


Happenings after leaving the Aladura movement.


From the time of 14th of April 1932 after leaving the Holy Cherubim and Seraphim Movement, daily Morning Prayer is being held at his residence of 49 Kakawa Street, Lagos. His injunction to people was “Whosoever wants to come can come” This daily prayer was held till the 14th of May 1932. The prayers are these:

1.                  Prayer that all souls should become spiritually born-again before that great Pentecost day arrives

2.                  Prayer that true spiritual worship will not become a thing of the past in the four corners of the world.

3.                  Prayer that JESUS CHRIST himself should breathe on us anew, according to His promises in the Gospel.

Spiritually conscious people make it a point of duty to attend this daily morning prayers and they are being rewarded with the blessings of the Holy Spirit “breathing” in their daily affairs. This is being done in preparation for the “Big Pentecost Sunday” ahead, unbeknownst to us that this is day the name of this organization was going to be revealed. 

The name is being already alluded to by visioneers in revealed vision at this daily prayer meet. Some of the visioneers saw a “CIRCLE” in vision, as a reference to “FLOCK”. But it has been alluded to from the inception that this is a ‘NEW FLOCK”. It is a thing of wonder that there is a unanimous agreement among all visioneers and dreamers on the revealed name given to this new organization; HOLY FLOCK OF CHRIST”. One of the visioneers of those days, a gentleman by the name of Emmanuel McCauley, who later became a Bishop in his own church in Odi Olowo, Mushin, Lagos, was a witness and one the people that confirms this.

Campus Square.

It was at these daily prayer meetings that A.B Lawrence made the announcement that there will be a special meeting/service of this new gathering in Campus Square, Lagos at dawn, 5:30 a.m. on Pentecost Sunday, May 15th 1932, a day in which we remember the sending forth of the Holy Spirit on the disciples. It started raining on 3:00 a.m. and we cannot help but wonder that this has been prophesied earlier by Most Ven. A.B.Lawrence that; “ Rain will be an obstacle for a lot of people in attending this special service”, and it was so. It was a heavy torrential tropical rain that it did disturbs a lot of normal conveyance from place to place.

The name “HOLY FLOCK OF CHRIST” was revealed and appended to this organization on that day. And the sign that attests to this is given from the mouth of A.B. Lawrence: “The glory sign appears on children, adult male and female. The children’s and female sign are a lot”.

The morning service was held in Campus Square that day. And after the service everybody present retires to Major A.B. Lawrence house on 49, Kakawa Street, Lagos to register their name in this new “Holy Flock of Christ” Organization. The number of people registered that day is 321. These are the names of the registrar:

1.                  Leader J.O Adefope

2.                  Mr. G.A Martins

3.                  Mr. Hector Labinjo

4.                  Mr. J.A Bajulaiye

5.                  Mr. J.O Osinbowale (the present Spiritual Leader, Holy Flock of Christ)

6.                  Mr. J.O Erinle

Joy indescribable fills the hearts of those who registered their names on this day, just as passersby on Kakawa Street were filled with wonderment and curiosity. Also as an additional signs that was given is that two women that were pregnant start to labour in childbirth immediately after their names have been written down and three naming ceremony were done on the same day as the first naming ceremony in this flock.

In the evening of the same day, 15th of May 1932, a unified sign was present in the sky when we are all with one accord present for the evening service. This sign is appears like when things are unified with a circle, which was the way it appears over Campus Square. And this assures all present once more that the hand of Jesus Christ is on this new union and that He is indeed the head of this Flock. 


These are the prayers offered in that evening service:

1.      That Spiritual worship will not become a thing of the past in the four corners of the world.

2.      That all nations should become spiritually born- again

The spiritual message to all of us that evening was that this Holy Flock of Christ would be made a covenant to the world if all of us members are spiritually and heavenly minded. 


A revelation was then made with the Holy Flock Christ that “As the Almighty God has sworn with Abraham, the next entity He is swearing again with is Holy Flock of Christ”

Days of Worship


Prior to us moving to our present House of Prayer at 45 Okepopo Street, Lagos, we held all this important Christian event services and celebrations at 49, Kakawa Street, Lagos.

1.                  Advent Sunday

2.                  Christmas Day

3.                  New Year’s Eve Midnight Vigil Service

4.                  Lenten Season

5.                  Palm Sunday

6.                  Good Friday

7.                  Easter Sunday

8.                  Ascension Day

9.                  Pentecost Sunday

10.              Trinity Sunday

11.              Holy Michael’s Day.

Appointment of Officers 


On the 21st of May 1933, when the first anniversary thanksgiving service of this newly formed organization is being celebrated; Major A.B. Lawrence in his capacity as the Spiritual Leader of the organization appointed officers and trustees to the following positions:

1.                  Mr. C.B. Olumuyiwa was appointed to post of Senior Spiritual Elder (SSE)

2.                  Mr. D.K Idowu was appointed to post of Spiritual Elder (SE)

3.                  Mr. J.O Adefope was appointed to post of Spiritual Elder (SE)

4.                  Mr. L.I. Gabriel was appointed to post of Spiritual Elder (SE)

5.                  Mr. J. Ayo-Coker was appointed to post of Spiritual Elder (SE)

6.                  Mr. M.A. Thomas was appointed to post of Spiritual Elder (SE)

7.                  Mr. T.A. Oyesanya was appointed to post of Superintendent

8.                  Mr. E.O. Ayodele was appointed to post of Superintendent

9.                  Mr. S.I. Ogunfowora was appointed to post of Superintendent

10.              Mr. J.O.Fakeye was appointed to post of Superintendent

11.              Mr. M.I.Oje was appointed to post of Superintendent

12.              Mr. F.A. Okutade was appointed to post of Superintendent

13.              Mr. M.O Osisanya was appointed to post of Superintendent

14.              Mr. J.O Onagoruwa was appointed to post of Superintendent

15.              Mr. G.A. Martins was appointed to post of Superintendent

16.              Mr. J.O. Richards was appointed to post of Superintendent

17.              Mr. E.A. Macaulay was appointed to post of Assistant Superintendent

18.              Mr. J.A. Abodunrin was appointed to post of Assistant Superintendent

19.              Mr. James. O. Taiwo was appointed to post of Assistant Superintendent

20.              Mr. Theophilus Akin was appointed to post of Assistant Superintendent

21.              Mr. P.A. Odutade was appointed to post of Assistant Superintendent

22.              Mr. S.M. Odusanya was appointed to post of Assistant Superintendent

23.              Mr. S.S.Aiyelabola was appointed to post of Assistant Superintendent

24.              Mr. Samuel S. Cdumbu was appointed to the post of Deacon

25.              Ms. Sarian Fiyakola Taiwo was a appointed to the post of Deaconess.

Evangelical Tour.


On the 29th of August 1932, Major A.B. Lawrence in his post as the Spiritual Leader of the Holy Flock of Christ Organization begins the first Evangelical Tour in this organization. Accompanying him was Mr. J.O Osinbowale. Their first port of call is Epe. They were joined on this tour on the 1st of September 1932 by Ms Emily Ogunlana and Ms. Elizabeth Adefope. Also shortly later they were joined by Ms. E.O Olumuyiwa, Ms Joanna Talabi and Ms Dorcas Talabi. 


From Epe, they proceeded to Atijere, then to Ibadan, Fiditi and Odogbolu. They returned back to Epe then proceeded again the second time to Atijere, then to Ikoya, Peregun and eventually landed in Okitipupa.


Their pilgrimage is witnessed to by mighty works of healing and wonders being performed from their hands. The people of Epe, Atijere and Okititpupa testified to the power of anointing on Major A.B. Lawrence. It was also witnessed to by people of the said environs that A.B. Lawrence is unsurpassed compared to other “Leaders” in the same area. Unsurpassed in bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ and all the attending signs and wonders that accompany such activities.


The evangelical party returned to Lagos on the 17th of October, 1932 and a report of the evangelical tour activities was prepared and read by Mr. J O Osinbowale to all members of the Holy Flock of Christ on the following Wednesday Service.


It was during this first evangelical tour that Senior Spiritual Elder C.B. Olumuyiwa started the arrangement about buying the site of the present HFC headquarters. This is done because Major A.B. Lawrence has been advocating for this for a long time warning everybody that in the future his house at 9 Kakawa Street will not be large enough to accommodate all the projected future members of the HFC organization. Considerable amount of time has been spent on the search for this site, physically and spiritually. Major A.B Lawrence was constant in prayer enquiring about the site while C.B.Olumuyiwa spearheaded the physical search for a land within the city of Lagos. All this effort comes to fruition when the Lord eventually provided 45 Okepopo Street for HFC use and it was seen in vision that the site was cleansed and consecrated seven times before it can be used generally by the congregation.


On Holy Michael’s day, the 29th of September 1933, all members of the Holy Flock of Christ paraded; with fanfare, jubilation, songs and dance, from 49 Kakawa Street to 45 Okepopo Street, the new location of our House of Prayer. Thus the Holy Michael’s day Anniversary of that year was held in this new location. The Lord also made a new covenant with Major A.B. Lawrence on that powerful and fateful day.



Major A.B. Lawrence totally submitted to the call of God, came to sojourn and dwell in the House of Prayer, 45 Okepopo Street on the 13th of February 1934 as a full time Minister and he did not return to his own house until the call of the Lord to come home in the month of October 1943. A period of almost 10 years. He dwells in this House of Prayer amidst rain or sunshine, in heat or cold, amidst plenty of food and no food. He is always full of prayer and fasting for the Holy Flock of Christ and the entire membership, Nigeria, the whole continent of Africa and the World. 


He always have words of comfort to the downtrodden. He physically gives out the food meant for him to those in need. He exemplifies the example of a Christian steward by letting the lost see Jesus Christ in him by the way he lived. He is an example of how a Christian earns his star according to Daniel: 

And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. Daniel 12: 3


In all this year of sojourning in the House of Prayer, he regarded all members of the Holy Flock of Christ as his brothers and sisters in the Lord. He became Fathers for the fatherless. Helped the widows. Have words of comfort for the sad. He rejoices with those who are joyful and have a heartfelt empathy for those who were smitten with misfortunes. He actually will find a way to turn your misfortune into good news by praying or actually given you funds to help. He assists the members with fasting and praying. He does not gloat in your downfall but He does rejoices with you in your success and always thank the Lord for you in his prayers. He prays for the pregnant and the sick. He provides clothing for those who are near-naked and he is always ready to receive a stranger into his abode without asking for a lodging fee.


This was in continuation to his work in Kakawa Street. He has been given the mandate in October 1926 to engage in the redemption of souls. And because of this, his house is an open door for anybody that needs physical and spiritual assistance. He freely prayed for people without demanding fees. He assisted the sick without regards to his own health and without demand any remunerations. The writer of this history was an eye witness of all this and he personally on one occasion has to wash seven pots that were used in preparation of food for the sick. This was in 1931 at Kakawa Street.


Major Lawrence does not get angry. He is always calm. He is not vengeful. He is always forgiving. He became Christ-like in his ways, works and deeds. He lives the example in the book of Ephesians: 

With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love; Ephesians 4:2


Major Lawrence used Agape love to administer and oversaw the flock the Lord has given to his care, feeding them with love and the Word of God. He does not rules over the flock with strength. He obeys the Word of God spoken to Peter in the scripture:

The elders who are among you I exhort, I who am a fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that will be revealed: Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but willingly, not for dishonest gain but eagerly; nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock; and when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that does not fade away. I Peter 5: 1-4

This was the way Major Lawrence lived. Using the Word of God as guidance both day and night to administer the flock that was entrusted to his care.


On the 20th of February, 1932, Major A.B. Lawrence request a leave of absence from his secular job in order to go and seek the Lord’s face in prayer upon Olorunkole’s hill, in the vicinity of Ibadan. This are the prayer points of that day:

That all nations might become born-again in the Lord

That “spiritual worship” of Jesus Christ may not be a thing of the past in the four corners of the world.

The message that resulted from the visions seen in the prayer meeting of that day was printed for all to see and to be distributed. (See Appendix 1)

Upon returning from this trip, he went straight to his house in Kakawa Street and he instructed Mr. S. I. Ogunfowora to accompany him to Ibeju beach.  A call that he followed without hesitating and the Lord later reward him because S.I. Ogunfowora later became the overseer of this Holy Flock of Christ before being called to the Lord at the age of 94 years. He sent a message to his wife that “ The call of the Lord came to him suddenly amidst his sojourn in the wilderness of life and he must heed this call”.

He was joined on this trip on the next day by Mr. J.O. Osinbowale (the present Spiritual Leader and the writer of this book) while Mr. S.I Ogunfowora came back home. J.O Osinbowale served as a disciple to A.B. Lawrence for the entire Lenten season of the year 1932 because catering to all his needs at the Ibeju beach prayer ground, for A.B. Lawrence spent the entire Lenten season at this location. It is a thing of wonder that this lowly servant and “Confidential Secretary” of A.B. Lawrence from 1930, was eventually appointed the Spiritual Leader of the Holy Flock of Christ in 27th of May 1994, after serving in various capacity in the organization for 52 years. Glory be to God!

Major A.B. Lawrence was full of prayer, especially in preparation for the establishment of the Holy Flock of Christ throughout this period. He does not sleep near the beach, as some does; but he retires to a house in the Ibeju village to sleep after praying and fasting for the day.  




The History of the founding of the Holy Flock of Christ could not be complete without mentioning the three brave spiritual warriors in the Lord.


It was these three men that stood with A.B.Lawrence in the Cherubim and Seraphim movement. They also stood with him when he founded the Holy Flock of Christ, in all the things that he did. They worshipped the Lord day and night, and serve with one heart and mind. They did not join any secret cult. They are true minister who fed the sheep with the Word of God.


We are happy to testify that these three leaders fought the good fight of the faith and lay their swords down at the Saviour’s feet. When the battle is hot and encouragement is needed, these leaders are always appearing to us in the spirit to encourage us who are still engaged in this contest. We hear their joyful and victorious songs, thus we are refreshed, encouraged and empowered to continue the spiritual fight.


            Leader Claudius Babington Oyeneye OLUMUYIWA

The 1ST Senior Spiritual Elder, 1ST General Secretary of the Holy Flock of Christ Organization and a very close and dear friend of A.B. Lawrence

            Claudius Olumuyiwa was one of the seven leaders appointed by Baba Aladura Moses Orimolade from the Cherubim and Seraphim movement.

He was a European appointed Accountant in his secular job. He was highly educated, very skilled in the English language and a very popular Lagosian. He previously worshipped at the Cathedral Church of Christ, Lagos Nigeria; a place where he was a very influential member. He emptied himself of all this glory to heed the call of God to serve in the Cherubim and Seraphim movement initially. He carried on this humble, patient and God fearing spirit to eventually serve with distinction under the founder of Holy Flock of Christ. Also he was a very close personal friend to A.B. Lawrence and a God fearing man.


            His last word on the 22nd of June 1939 was “Although the spirit is aged, but the vision is very lucid”

These were his last act as the Senior Spiritual Elder:

            Chairman, Anniversary Committee 1939

            Overseer, Sunday Bible Class

            De-facto new child naming officer

            Trustee and a Pillar in the Holy Flock of Christ

            Chairman, General Conference (Yearly)

            Chairman, Egba and Egbado Tribal Society

            Overseer, Monday Morning Prayer Meetings

            Overseer, Spiritual Outing Prayer meetings, Wednesday at 5:30 a.m 


            Leader Daniel Kolawole IDOWU

2nd Senior Spiritual Elder and the Overseer of the Holy Flock of Christ Organization (1946-1955)

Daniel Kolawole Idowu was the fifth leader appointed among the seven leaders selected by Baba Aladura Moses Orimolade from the Cherubim and Seraphim movement. The matle of leadership fell on him after A.B. Lawrence death as the first Overseer of Holy Flock of Christ after A.B.L. He served the Lord with all his might and cleaved to the truth until he was call by the Lord in November, 1972. He was 100 years old 


         Leader Joseph Olukoya ADEFOPE

General Secretary of the Holy Flock of Christ (1932-1943). Spiritual Elder (1933-1955) Spiritual Leader (1955-1977)

Joseph Adefope was one of the seven leaders appointed by Baba Aladura Moses Orimolade from the Cherubim and Seraphim movement.


He was a devoted Christian right from his youth. He was the Secretary under Baba Aladura Orimolade in the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement. As a matter of fact he was the one that wrote down Major Lawrence name down in the enrollment register of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement.


He was a highly educated and used this knowledge to serve God in the Holy Flock of Christ. He was also a highly regarded Visioner. He became the Spiritual Leader of the Holy Flock of Christ in October 1955, a position he held until his call to glory in 27th of April 1977.


Major Lawrence was very fond of him and loved him very much. He always refers to him as “Joseph”. When A.B.L was on his last breath, one of the things he said was “Give the mantle of leadership to Joseph”. A prophecy fulfilled when he became the Spiritual Leader twelve years later.


Joseph Adefope served the Lord with all his might and power in the vineyard he was appointed to.





Wednesday Spiritual/Revival Meeting:

The first Wednesday Spiritual/Revival meeting in the Holy Flock of Christ was held on the 18th of May 1932. The venue for this meeting was first held in Odunlami Street because of the “fear of the Jews”, but was later moved to 49 Kakawa Street, at the founder’s house.


Saturday Midnight Vigil:

The first Saturday Night vigil was held first on the 21st of May 1932. It was the midnight that preceded the Trinity Sunday of that year. Any generation that cancel this midnight vigil for any reason will be accountable to the Almighty God because this vigil is by divine commandment and it is at this prayer meeting that God Almighty wards off evil occurrences that would have afflicted us.


Sunday Divine Service:

The first Sunday Service was Trinity Sunday, the 22nd of May 1932. A divine service was held in the morning and evening.


Sunday Bible Class:

Sunday Bible Class was administered among five Leaders in their house of residence. This was a practice that was continued from the Cherubim and Seraphim movement. 

They are:

1.    Leader A.B. Lawrence in 49 Kakawa Street, Lagos. This served as a temporary headquarters for the Holy Flock of Christ organization

2.    Leader C.B. Olumuyiwa in 176 Bamgbose Street, Lagos

3.    Leader D.K. Idowu in 23 Koseh Street, Lagos

4.    Leader J.O Adefope in 3 Balogun Street, Lagos

5.    Leader J. Ayo-Coker in 38 Martins Street, Lagos.

After the transition to 45 Okepopo Street, all bible classes were moved here but the class distinction was still maintained. Only now the classes have grown from five to eight.

We now have:

            Class 1            Adult Class      

            Class 2            Adult Class

            Class 3            Adult Class      

            Class 4            Adult Class                                                                                                                             


            Class 5             Adult Class      

            Class 6            Adult Class

            Class 7            Adult Class      

            Class 8            Juvenile Class

            Juvenile Class is further subdivided into:

            Juvenile Class Part 1 Beginner learners of the Yoruba language

            Juvenile Class Part 2 Beginner readers (ABD) of the Yoruba language

            Juvenile Class Part 3 Intermediate Yoruba language readers

            Juvenile Class Part 4 Above Average Yoruba language readers

            Juvenile Class Part 5 Advanced readers capable of reading the Bible


Bible class was usually held between 2:00 p.m and 3:00 p.m. and the modus operandi is simple and proceed like this. The Bible theme of the day will be read by everybody in their class, a person will give words of exhortation on this reading, a hymn was then sung by everybody and the founder will say the grace to bring the class to a close.



The Holy Flock of Christ branch in Ebutte Metta was inaugurated on Sunday, the 29th of June 1932 in the house of Mr. T.A Oyesanya. He was the first Senior Superintendent in the Flock. 

The preacher that day was Leader D.K Idowu. Word of exhortation was also given by the founder A.B. Lawrence. Mr.V.E Campbell read the first lesson while Leader C.B Olumuyiwa read the second lesson.


First Evangelical Tour

The first missionary/evangelical tour undertaken by the founder started on the 29th of August 1932. He was accompanied by the following people:

The founder Major A.B. Lawrence

Mr. J.O Osinbowale

The following ladies joined the founder in Epe on the 1st of September 1932

Ms. Emily Ogunlana (later became Deaconess in HFC)

Ms. ErnestinaOlumuyiwa (later became Assistant Deaconess)

Ms. Elizabeth Adefope (later became Assistant Deaconess)

Mr. J.F. Fenaiwo

Mr. Timothy Fenaiwo

Ms. Joanna Talabi

Ms. Dorcas Talabi

Ms. Comfort Fenaiwo

Anniversary in Epe:

On Sunday the 11th of September 1932, the Holy Flock of Christ Organization held it’s first anniversary of the Epe Branch which was attended and witnessed by a lot of members from Lagos.

A notable event that transpired the previous Saturday on their way to Epe was that the ship that was transporting the pilgrims nearly sank because of a leak underneath. The Lord gave us victory that day despite the fact that a lot of the people has given up hope. Deacon Samuel S. Odumbu son was able to repair the leak and every soul landed in safety. While this was going on, the founder was full of prayer concerning the matter and we were glad that the Lord perform His wonder that day.


Anniversary in FIDITI:

The anniversary of Fiditi branch, which was held on Sunday the 25th of September 1932, followed fortnightly after the Epe’s one. It was called a second anniversary. The reason being that an earlier anniversary has taken place in 1931 under a different authority, but now has to conform to the year of Holy Flock of Christ counting. 

These are some of the people that were present at the anniversary:

Major A.B. Lawrence 

Prophet Emmanuel Adesanya (Preacher for the occasion)

Mr. E.O Ayodele

Mr. G. A. Martins

Mr. M. O Oguntoyinbo

Mr. E.A Macaulay

Mr. E.M. Akinyemo

Mr. J. A. Dawodu (A Lawyer)

Mr. S. O. Oyatogun

Mr. Joseph Abodunrin

 Mr. Z.A. Odunrinde

Mr. J.O Osinbowale

Mr. Joseph Bankole

Ms. Olufunmilayo Olumuyiwa (C.B Olumuyiwa’s daughter)

Mr. Emmanuel Oyelekun

Mr. Simeon Olunde



The first Conventional Services was held on Thursday, the 15th of December 1932 and the respective Conventional Parade on Sunday, the 18th of December 1932.

Conventional Services was also held on Thursday the 22nd of December 1932 in Denton Street, Oyingbo, Ebutte Metta, Lagos.



Saturday, 13TH OF January 1933:

An athletic sports event was arranged by the founder A.B.L to mark the 50th birthday celebration of his ver close friend and co-worker in the vineyard, Senior Spiritual Elder C.B. Olumuyiwa.

The chairman of the judges on that day was Leader J.O. Adefope while the judges of the events were Mr. C.O.Blaize, Mr. T.B. Johnson and Mr.J. Majek-Akinloye respectively.


Starters:          G.A. Martins                J.A.Bajulaiye

                        M.O.Osisanya             J.O.Onagoruwa

                        A.M.Folaji                    M.I.Oje


Stewards:        J.O.Osinbowale          J.O.Erinle

                        J.O.Richards               T.A.Macaulay

                        Olufunmi Olumuyiwa    J.O.Fakeye

                        Adegbite Olumuyiwa


Venue:             Lewis Playing Ground


1st of April 1934:

Beginning of Sunday Services:

Morning and Evening Sunday Divine services begins in 45 Okepopo Street, Lagos at 9:00 a.m and 6:30 p.m. It was divine mandated through the founder that we should be in our spiritual robe for this services.

The Lord made a covenant with Holy Flock of Christ thus:

Morning Service: The light of the Lord will perpetually shine for us seeking the way of life.

Evening Service: I will save those whom I’m going to save because I have pleasure in their congregating in My house on My day”


10th of April 1934:

First Open Air Services for Women Members. Held on Andrew Street, Lagos


29th of April 1934:

An extension of the Cherubim of the Order of Morning Service was instituted in Ebutte Metta; in the house of Superintendent J.O Onagoruwa.


4th of March 1934:

The tribal society of Yoruba and Ekiti was instituted in the Flock with 104 members registered, with named officers below:

1.    Spiritual Elder L.I. Gabriel   Chairman

2.    Mr.A.M. Folaji                      Assistant Chairman

3.    Mr.W.A. Staveley                Secretary

4.    Mr. J.A Bajulaiye                 Secretary

5.    Mr. T.A. Ogungbamgbe      Treasurer

6.    Mr. S.S. Aiyelabola             Treasurer


The objectives of the society are listed below:

To facilitate the expansion of the Holy Flock of Christ, particularly in their town and state of origin

To make sure that ministers posted to their home town are well paid

To evangelize their region of origin

To assist the Holy Flock of Christ growth through financial contribution, acts of worship and spiritual stewardship. 

11th of March 1934 (Monday):

The tribal society of Egba and Egbado was instituted in the Flock charged with the same objective above, with named officers below:

1.    Senior Spiritual Elder C.B. Olumuyiwa       Chairman

2.    Spiritual Elder D.K.Idowu                Treasurer

3.    Superintendent M.I. Oje                  Secretary


5th of August 1934:

Dedication of the House of Prayer in Odogbolu.


September 1934:

Landed property secured for Holy Flock of Christ use in Fiditi


2nd of September 1934:

A branch of the Holy Flock of Christ was instituted in 35 Makinde Street, Surulere, Lagos; with Superintendent G.A. Martins as the officer in charge.


9th of September 1934:

Superintendent F.A Okutade appointed as the officer in charge of H.F.C branch in Odogbolu.


1st of October 1934:

Held the first morning prayer of the week.


21st of February 1935:

It is noted that the choristers donated a lectern for the use of this organization.


July 1935:

Superintendent M.I.Oje appointed as the officer in charge of the H.F.C, Ijebu Igbo branch


4th of August 1935:

All Holy Flock of Christ members convenes at the HFC Ijebu Igbo


10th of October 1935

First Solemnization of Holy Matrimony service in 45 Okepopo Street was held between Superintendent J.O. Fakeye and Miss. Ibijoke Adelaja.


Parlour Marriage was also held for Mr. Alfred Oyesanya and his wife at 152 Denton Street, Ebutte Metta, Lagos.


November, 1935:

Institution of the Tailor Society. 36 original members charged with various spiritual robe preparation in the Flock, particularly that of Conventional Robe


June – September 1935:

3 months pastoral journey of the Founder, A.B.L. HFC Branches visited are Odogbolu, Ijebu-Igbo, Fiditi, Epe, Atijere, Ehin-Osa, Aredi, Oru. Awa and Ago-Iwoye.


7th of February 1937:

First Baptism of members by A.B.L


2nd of August 1937:

The first Evangelical Society Tour for the propagation of the gospel. Members named below

Superintendent F.A. Okutade

Superintendent J.A. Olutusin

Ms Emily Ogunlana

Ms. Jemima Oyesanya

Ms. Adina Pedro

Ms. Christiana Peters

Ms. Alice Oshode

Ms. Dorcas Aina

Ms. Eunice Ogungbamigbe

Ms. Patience Lawrence

22nd of December 1938:

Second Solemnization of Holy Matrimony service in 45 Okepopo Street was held between Mr. J.O. Osinbowale and Miss. Olayinka Adesanya.


22nd of June 1939:

Senior Spiritual Elder C.B. Olumuyiwa called home to be with the Lord


15th of October 1938:

First Building Project improvement meeting held, led by ABL. Pledges writeen down that day was 424 pounds sterling and the building was finally started in 17th of May 1947.


August 1940:

The Holy Flock of Christ branch in Ibadan was instituted in the house of Mr.Adekoya. 47 people were witnesses of this event.


25th of April 1943:

Selected female members were posted to the new post of Female Prayer Warriors. Although these functions were being performed by these women before and the fact that a lot of Spiritual Officers are now luke-warm in their prayer ministry. 

Their duty resumes officially on the 11th of June 1943.


6th of May 1943:

Abiodun Lawrence made a trip to Olorunkole hill to fulfill a vow made to the Lord. The vow was that he will come back to this mountain to give thanks to the Lord after twelve years has elapsed since he was given a divine mandate to start the Holy Flock of Christ Organisation.

Some of the vision/messages given that day were:

The humble shall inherit good things from the Lord.

All Sectional leaders were being assembled and question by a Holy Person standing in front of them. He enquires of them about the Baptismal Robe and what kind of spiritual work are they doing now. He is asking each one of them, “Where is the first blessing that you had when you first believed in the Lord?


1.    Hector Labinjo

2.    D.O. Martins

3.    A.A. Ola

4.    G.P.Dopemu

5.    Wale Tubi

6.    Ajayi Clegg



Pastor I.O. Abijo-Oseni has been appointed as the ChoirMaster since 1980



The pipe organ was dedicated on Saturday, 16th of May 1953


Salvation comes as a gift of God to those that
have confessed their sins and believe that the death of the
Lord Jesus Christ atones for our sins. 


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“That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved...” (ROMANS 10: 9-10, 13)